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Arukah … A Hebrew word that is translated as “health, made up, perfected, restoring to soundness, wholeness”…

Arukah International Center (AIC) seeks to work with individuals from a three-dimensional perspective (the body, the soul and the spirit). We believe that in order to have optimal well being and complete healing, all dimensions of the self must be attended to. Restoration and Wholeness are achieved when there is congruence in these three dimensions – physical, mental/social, and spiritual dimensions of the self.




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Dr. Eniabitobi. Kuyinu & Paulett Lawrence

Prepare Enrich Facilitators Webinar Training

june 17, 2022

Get Trained Today.  Help couples tomorrow


Paulett Lawrence (MA, APC, NCC) 

Emotional Detox Group

May 28, 2022

Get Rid of Emotional Baggage | Do not Just Survive, Thrive